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Facial Treatments

Luster spa in Albuquerque provides premiere facials using custom techniques and luxury ingredients. We assess, nourish, and treat each client’s skin based on their individual chemistry and skin type. Everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs, and the journey to great skin begins with a plan designed specifically for you. We work to correct, restore, and revitalize the skin using a variety of therapeutic treatments and methods. Every treatment experience begins with a one-on-one consultation and assessment, in order to provide the most optimal treatment plan geared toward meeting your skincare goals. Using state-of-the-art technology and premium products, we provide custom treatments that will optimize your skin.  

All facials include the neck and an eye treatment! Add the chest to any facial for just $25 unless otherwise noted. 

LUSTER Skin + Body
LUSTER Skin + Body
LUSTER Skin + Body
LUSTER Skin + Body


Custom Facials

Customized Facial – 60 minutes- $95
Following an in depth consultation, skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and nourished for a glowing, refreshed complexion that will be enjoyed well past your treatment.

30 Minute Express Facial – $60
Need a quick face fix? This customized express treatment gets down to business by addressing breakouts, dullness and dehydration. Your glow is just a few minutes away!

Men’s Skincare Treatment – 60 minutes – $95
Experience a relaxing and restorative treatment while minimizing wrinkles, clearing congestion, minimizing pores, and hydrating. Skin is deep cleaned and polished.

Men’s Skincare Express – 30 minutes – $60
This 30 minute custom skincare treatment focuses on a specific area of concern. Address issues such as over exposure to sun, dryness, and breakouts on your lunch break! This facial gets you out the door in a short time with visible improvements.

Back Treatment – 60 minutes – $85
Rid the hard to reach back area of impurities and/or dryness with this customized treatment. The back area is cleansed, double enzyme exfoliated and finished with a customized mask addressing your specific concerns.

Corrective Facials

Pumpkin Anti Aging Facial – 75 minutes – $105 / Series of 6 – $560
Pumpkin, a natural collagen booster, will revitalize dull, dry skin. Rich in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, skin is rejuvenated and nourished while the aroma of cinnamon, clove and pumpkin provide a relaxing sensory experience. Skin is brighter, firmer, and more youthful with a glow that lasts for weeks.

Acne Remedies with Extractions – 75 minutes- $105 / Series of 6 – $560
This healing facial destroys toxins and purifies the skin using curative ingredients that soothe the skin. Experience a deep clean that promotes healing relieves congestion of the pores.

Oxygen Infusion Brightening Facial – 75 minutes – $105 / Series of 6 – $560
Using the power of daisy flower extract, kojic, azelaic acids, and purifying oxygen, bannish dull discolored skin. This facial provides much needed stimulation and support resulting in reduced pigmentation, added hydration and brighter skin tone.

Advanced Facials

Nano Infusion Facial – $175 / Series of 4 – $595
This is a superficial treatment much like an elevated microdermabrasion and is an excellent choice for those with fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture or for lightening discolorations in the skin.  A perfect synergy between a corrective treatment and a luxury facial.  Add on chest for just $40.

Dermaplaning Facial – 90 minutes – $140 / Series of 4 $475
Gently resurface skin with no downtime.  An esthetic blade is used to slough away the outermost layers of skin cells while removing light facial hair (peach fuzz).  Helps with melasma, hyperpigmentation and deeper penetration of corrective serums.  Makeup glides on like a dream!

Skin Awakening Facial & Peel – 90 minutes – $125 / Series of 6 – $635
Correct and reinvigorate the skin. This facial combines the careful customization and troubleshooting of the corrective facial with a luxury peel chosen specifically for you based on your skincare goals. Fine lines, hyperpigmentation and dullness will be reduced to reveal enriched texture and enhanced hydration.

Minus 10 Facial – 75 minutes – $125 / Series of 6 – $635
Targeting specific triggers of skin aging, this Rhonda Allison signature facial merges advanced science with natural groundbreaking formulas to provide a powerful youth restoring treatment. This facial addresses all of the key areas where signs of aging show, including fine lines & wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness around the eyes and loss of firmness and elasticity on the neck.

Pigmentation Solutions Facial with Oxygen  – 75 minutes – $125 / Series of 6 – $635
Reduce pigment and brighten skin tone with a Lotus Flower infused enzyme and gentle but effective Mandelic Acid.  Skin is then fortified with vitamins A and C, growth factors and a customized gel mask to restore, cool and hydrate.  Skin is left with a noticeable brightness and radiance.

LED Acne Facial with Extractions – 90 minutes – $145 / Series of 3 – $325 / Series of 6 – $625
Light Emitting Diode therapy is an FDA approved method for treating acne by killing the bacteria that causes it. Accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation. Safe, painless, and effective, the LED treatment combined with a corrective facial and extractions reduces inflammation and improves skin texture and clarity.

LED Anti Aging Facial – 90 minutes – $145 / Series of 3 – $325 / Series of 6 – $625
Enjoy weeks of toned, brightened skin delivered by the combined power of firming peptides, retinols, collagen boosters, and LED therapy. Phototherapy has been scientifically proven to increase circulation, as well as improve skin firmness, smoothness and brightness. Each service includes a thorough cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, and 30 minutes of LED. This treatment exfoliates, firms, tones and brightens the skin while dousing the skin in strengthening antioxidants.

Packages & Specials

New Client Skin Rejuvenating Series – $150
Includes consultation, and three 45-60 minute customized appointments based on your needs. Services may include a combination of enzyme, retinol, chemical peel, high frequency, microdermabrasion and/or oxygen treatments as determined by your skincare provider. A $285-$375 value!

LED Treatment for Acne or Aging – 6 Session Series – $270 / 12 Session Series – $360 *best value*
Skin is cleansed and exfoliated with a condition specific enzyme followed with 30 minutes of LED light therapy and finishing treatment.